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Maleku Indigenous Reserve Cultural Tour to Palenque Tonjibe

Centuries ago, The Maleku Tribe, a branch of the Chibchas, where divided in 23 different groups. However in the last hundred years, their population has decrease substantially. Today we can find only three groups; one at Palenque El Sol, one at Margarita and the bigger one can be found at Tonjibe. All this reserves are located in Los Guatuzos lowlands.
The Malekus at Palenque Tonjibe had open their hearts and their community to all visitors. This way, they can share their culture, language and traditions, and they give you the change to get to know the roots of Costa Rica.
By taking a hike with a Maleku guide through enchanting rainforest and Pre-Columbian burial grounds of their native lands, we will get to know more about medicinal plants, nature from the Maleku’s point of view and also visit one of their cemeteries. This hike is narrated in the Maleku language (maleku jaica), and translated into English. Actually, most Malekus speak Spanish, but they also learn about their culture and take classes in Maleku Jaica since primary school.

Tour includes:  
Round trip transportation from hotel.
Bilingual naturalist guide and Maleku guide.
Lunch: typical Costa Rica casado.

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