Arenal Volcano Inn
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  • Salmon 4 Erbe
    Rosemary, salvia, mint, and sweet basil leaves
  • Filete de pescado al vapor
    Steamed fish filet .
  • Filete de pescado a la Mainierie
    Fish fillet Mainiere
  • Filete de pescado a la Milanesa
    Milanesa Fish fillet Breadcrumbed fish fillet
  • Arroz con camarones al volcán
    Shrimp and Rice Volcano Style.
  • Corvina del Chef
    Fish filet chef style
  • Camarones al ajillo
    Garlic Shrimp. Shrimp with garlic, olive oil and white wine.
  • Camarones a la Milanesa
    Breaded Shrimp. Fried breadcrumbed shrimp
  • Camarones al curry
    Curry shrimp. Shrimp in bengala’s sauce
  • Pulpo a la parrilla
    Grilled octopus.

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