Arenal Volcano Inn
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Carnes y Pollo / Beef and Chicken
  • Lomito del chef
    Beef tenderloin steak covered with natural mushrooms.
  • Lomito pepe verde
    Beef tenderloin steak Pepe verde
  • Pollo a la plancha
    Grilled chicken breast
  • Pollo Pomodoro y hongos
    Chicken with natural tomatoes and mushrooms.
  • Pollo B.B.Q. Que Rico Arenal
    Chicken marinated in garlic, lemon and B.B.Q. Sauce.
  • Fajitas de pollo o res
    Chicken or beef lumps.
  • Filet t-bone (corte 300 grs)
    T-bone steak (10oz.
  • Churrasco Que Rico Arenal (300 grs.)
    Loin fillet with chimichurri sauce (10oz ).
  • Lomito (250 grs)
    Beef tenderloin steak spanish sauce
  • Filete Mignon
    Grilled filet mignon with bacon, covered in mushroom sauce
  • Casado
    A Costa Rican typical dish: rice, beans, salad, fried banana,
    and a slice of meat, fish, or chicken.
  • Arroz con pollo
    Rice with chicken. Rice, chicken, cumin, pepper,
    garlic and carrots, a Costa Rican secret recipe.


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