Preserving the planet

Preserving The Environment

Our Policies

Arenal Volcano Inn also works in compliance with national and regional conservation policies. We constantly divulge the importance of laws such as the Wildlife Conservation Law No. 7317, of which the main objective is to defend, protect and conserve the flora and fauna in natural conditions. As well, the Environmental Organic Law No. 7554, the Law for the Creation of the National Parks Service No. 6048, and the CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN ENDANGERED SPECIES OF WILD FAUNA AND FLORA – CITES.

All of our contributors will be properly trained in reference to these laws, by induction speeches, information materials and internal communications (newspaper articles, magazines, etc.)

Our guides will pass on the information to our clients, in a way that they will know all existing conservation policies in our country. This way, we will project an image of a country striving to preserve the ecosystems and supporting environmental education. Likewise, our wholesalers will have the information regarding conservation, so that they are also part of our big effort.

Suppliers or potential suppliers will be evaluated by their compliance to the conservation laws and will be previously informed about our criteria. Each one of our suppliers must comply with the law while performing their usual labor activities and their levels of commitment will be taken into consideration.

About the National Archeological Heritage Law

Arenal Volcano Inn defines itself as a defender of national archeological heritage. We commit to protect the cultural patrimony that is the result of previous human activities (specifically, natives who inhabited the country before the Spanish established their colonies in national territory). This is why we will proceed with vehemence before any threat to the national archeological heritage, through the following specific actions:

About the Sexual Exploitation of Children Law

Arenal Volcano Inn defines itself as a vehement defender of the rights and integrity of all Costa Ricans in general, including adults, adolescents and children. We will perform tourist activities under the strictest guidelines, always respecting the Costa Rican law, including Law No. 8204 against unauthorized substance abuse, Law No. 7476 against sexual harassment in the workplace and Law No. 7899 against sexual exploitation of children. 

We will pass on to our contributors, clients, suppliers and family members that anyone who has sex with minors will be punished and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Our message to contributors, clients, suppliers and family members emphasizes on never blaming those who are under age, for acts that have been induced or forced by exploiters.

We will favor a ‘no tolerance’ culture against all kinds of children exploitation, so that the current cultural patterns that justify absolutism, actions with discretional nature and arbitrariness, are modified.

When passing on the message to our contributors, clients, suppliers and family members, we will insist on the fact that this is a social issue affecting the entire community, and therefore requires effort from everyone and not just governmental entities or victims of sexual exploitation.

When passing on the message to our contributors, clients, suppliers and family members, we will persist in the fact that when a child is sexually exploited, many other rights are also violated (rights to physical and mental health, education, family life, recreation, etc.) and therefore, these rights must be restored as well.

In our message to contributors, clients, suppliers and family members we will insist on the fact that children are victims of those who benefit indirectly from sexual exploitation, as well as those who tolerate this situation. We will invite our clients, suppliers and family members to be part of our Code of Conduct, guiding them, if necessary, to achieve all requirements for them to join the code.

We will support the Paniamor Foundation in at least one of their projects for children’s protection.

For more information we recommend you to visit the following website: Fundación Paniamor

About the Unauthorized Substance Abuse Law

Arenal Volcano Inn strictly forbids the use or trade of any illegal substances during any of our tourist programs. If this regulation is violated, we will adopt measures – a formal complaint (when clients or suppliers are involved) or employment termination.

About the Law against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Our enterprise will allow its contributors to learn about the respective procedure when reporting sexual harassment, during their induction phase in the company. Arenal Volcano Inn will severely penalize any signs of sexual harassment towards any of its employees, both inside and outside the company’s premises. All information regarding policies and regulations will be available to contributors, suppliers, clients and family members, on site.

In Costa Rica we strive to achieve a better world through economical and sustainable growth, taking care of the environment and supporting communities. For more information about the entities that are currently part of such effort in our country, please visit any of the following websites: