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At Arenal Volcano Inn we are committed to ensure a socially and environmentally responsible management.

Right from the start, based on the values and principles that guide the conduct of our organization, we have carried out a management aware of the importance of conserving the natural resources of the region where we operate. We promote the development of the community that we are part of. In addition, we encourage the growth of those who make our company strong, and support them with constant training and a code of ethics consistent with the values and principles that we stand by.

Our Mission
To provide accommodations for our domestic and foreign clients in a warm and friendly envirnoment, based on a comprehensive concept of personalized service and efficient team work, all carried out within an ethical framework focused on the organization, the client, the nature and customs.

Our Vision
To be recognized as the La Fortuna Hotel with complete customer service characterized by cleanliness, comfort, personal attention and commitment to sustainable tourism, while supporting a strong and efficient business relationships with leading local and international agencies to offer  flexibility, fair prices and support.

Our Values

RESPECT: We rely on each other, making the understanding and acceptance of their ways of being and thinking prevalent in out treatment of one other.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We work to exceed the expectations of our customers.

COLLABORATION: Our team spirit leads us to do work to provide support to anyone who requires it;  the company, coworkers or visitors.

CHANGE: We are a team that adapts to market demands always trying to satisfy our customers.

COMMITMENT TO ENVIRONMENT: Our organizational philosophy has been instilled in our staff's commitment to defend the environment and the community as an inherent part of our reason for existing.


Commitment to the organization:
As a responsible company, we have committed to protect, conserve and improve the environment. This commitment involves all employees in an environmental management system, based on unique training and the opportunity to share with everyone; we have encouraged this awareness throughout our team, our team from the bottom up. Therefore, the management, middle management and all employees are responsible for daily implementation of the environmental management system.

Ethics & Compliance:
Our commitment to the environment extends beyond regulatory compliance. It promotes the integration of environmental practices in all daily activities, making every effort to operate responsibly and in accordance with the self-imposed environmental standards Arenal Volcano Inn has set.

Minimizing Impact and Maximizing Opportunities:
We conducted an investigation that allows us to discover the best ways to achieve these objectives, which includes the application of new technologies, so as to minimize the environmental impacts of activities and services provided by Arenal Volcano Inn. We pay special attention to minimizing our impact on each tour undertaken, to inform our visitors,  and standardize our internal processes by implementing responsible practices to prevent and control environmental impact. We encourage our guests to join in this important effort.

Informing stakeholders:
We have established  mechanisms for conducting effective communication of our regulations and environmental control systems with partners, consumers, governments and other stakeholders, including among these mechanisms,  creating an Environmental Committee to evaluate, analyze and ensure compliance with all company and government regulations.

When we speak of stakeholders, Arenal Volcano Inn refers to employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, communities / markets in which they do business and other parties who may have influence or be influenced by Arenal Volcano Inn.



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