Preserving the planet

Preserving The Environment

Code of Ethics

Arenal Volcano Inn has always recognized that their own long term interests and those who show interest in the company depend on the fulfillment of the highest standards of ethical conduct and law abidance.

These policies have been approved by the Environmental Committee of Arenal Volcano Inn and presented and promoted among its employees, through initiation, training, and internal communications.

The values of Arenal Volcano Inn are included in this code and all employees are expected to behave, both personally and professionally, without exception, according to this code.

For certain regions or countries, it may be appropriate to establish stricter guidelines and more detailed instructions, but they should not contradict this Code.

Arenal Volcano Inn reviews the code regularly and is prepared to modify its content and implementation when changes in circumstances or needs require.

Ethics and Laws

The Arenal Volcano Inn is fully committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and full compliance with national laws and international requirements. This includes, for example, those relating to promoting fair competition, corporate systems, prevention of bribery, illicit payments and corruption, the assurance that all services are offered by Arenal Volcano Inn are offered to customers under their intended use, respecting all laws and labor practices, environment, laws concerning human rights and internationally recognized standards and the protection of copyright, company assets and other forms of intellectual property. The goal of Arenal Volcano Inn is not simply minimum legal compliance, but rather, as a company with broad experience, to be among the best in Costa Rica with respect to corporate responsibility, good business practices wherever operate.

Arenal Volcano Inn respects the privacy and integrity of those involved in service programs offered in our company and will strive to adhere to strict standards when processing personal data and product information. All personal information that Arenal Volcano Inn obtains will be processed properly, cautiously and in accordance with the laws, so as to protect the privacy of individuals.

In its commitment to sustainable tourism development and abiding by the provisions of the ICT (The Costa Rican Tourism Institute), Arenal Volcano Inn will remain absolutely respectful and proactive in the issues presented by: Act 7600, Sexual Harassment Law, the Law on Sexual Exploitation Children, the National Archaeological Heritage Act, Law of Wildlife Conservation, Law on Trafficking and Illegal Substance Abuse, Forestry Law, Environmental Law. Also, with the Regulations for the Use of Protected Areas, Adventure Activities and those under the CITES treaty.

Human rights

Arenal Volcano Inn respects and promotes human rights. Arenal Volcano Inn acknowledges that certain human rights are considered fundamental and universal, according to laws and internationally accepted practices (such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization and the principles of Global Compact). Among those rights Arenal Volcano Inn considers fundamental are: the right to freedom from discrimination of race, creed, color, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status, disability (Law 7600) or another state, the right to freedom from arbitrary detention, execution or torture, freedom of peaceful assembly and association, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and freedom of opinion and expression. Arenal Volcano Inn will not use child or forced labor. Arenal Volcano Inn will not tolerate working conditions or treatments that conflict with the established laws and practices. Arenal Volcano Inn will not tolerate any disrespect of the human rights of its staff and establishes a strict position on the Sexual Harassment Act.

Practices in the workplace

The Arenal Volcano Inn employees must respect and support the values of Arenal Volcano Inn while at work, promoting teamwork, individual responsibility and the strength that comes from diversity. Arenal Volcano Inn will seek to pay fair compensation and to offer their employees a safe and healthy workplace. Arenal Volcano Inn is committed to equal opportunity in all its employment practices, policies and procedures. Arenal Volcano Inn, in promoting good environmental practices, has established norms within the company: recycling, saving energy and water, good practices in the fields of work (knowledge of load regulation, rules for visits to national parks and reserves). When they meet the requirements for a position, no employee or potential employee will, therefore, receive less favorable treatment because of race, creed, color, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status, connections with a national minority, opinion, disability, membership or non membership of a union. Arenal Volcano Inn will continue to invest in learning and personal and professional growth of its employees and encourage them to lead balanced personal and professional lives.


The environmental activities of Arenal Volcano Inn are based on the concept of sustainable tourism, which aims to follow the guidelines of good practices of the physical and biological environment, service management, the external client and community development. The aim is to reduce the negative effects on the environment during the execution of the services contracted by our client. This is accomplished by managing our operations and our network of providers and programs incorporating the possible best practices. Arenal Volcano Inn does not use endangered species for any commercial purpose, and also asks its suppliers to avoid buying raw materials from sources where there is clear evidence of human or animal rights abuse, threatening of the environment, or when the purchase or distribution method is illegal. In its advertising and other activities of the company, Arenal Volcano Inn represents animals in a dignified manner and sends messages that promote safe practices for their protection. Arenal Volcano Inn relays to its suppliers and customers as provided by law, the current laws such as Sexual Exploitation of Children, National Archaeological Heritage Act, Wildlife Conservation Law, Law on Trafficking and Illegal Substance Abuse, Forestry Law, Environmental Law, and Regulations for Use of Protected Areas, Adventure Activities and the CITES treaty.


Arenal Volcano Inn will make every effort to hire only subcontractors and suppliers which adhere to the laws and practices of international human rights. Arenal Volcano Inn is committed to monitoring the ethical behavior of its suppliers and to take immediate comprehensive measures in cases that question the ethical behavior of its suppliers. Arenal Volcano Inn will unveil its suppliers concerning: the 7600 Act, Sexual Harassment Law, the Law on Sexual Exploitation of Children, National Archaeological Heritage Act, Law of Wildlife Conservation, Law on Trafficking and Consumption Illegal Substances, Forestry Law, Environmental Law, and Regulations for Use of Protected Areas, Adventure Activities and those under the CITES treaty.


The commitment to compliance with the provisions of the code extends to all matters, including decisions relating to trade, investment, subcontracting, procurement, enterprise development and in all other business relations. The Arenal Volcano Inn approach regarding the implementation of the Code of Conduct will be active, open and appropriate from an ethical point of view. Although difficult questions may arise regarding its interpretation in specific situations, especially regarding the need to maintain a sensible balance between local customs and standards requirements and some guidelines, Arenal Volcano Inn recognizes that this commitment means that efforts will be made effort to resolve the ethical, legal, environmental, labor and human rights issues in a manner consistent with the Code of Conduct.

It is the responsibility of each employee of Arenal Volcano Inn to promote the Code. All employees should be informed of all problems arising regarding the application or explanation of any provision of the code, and their violations. The management shall make an initial assessment of the nature and seriousness of any alleged violation reported.

In case of serious allegations related to possible code violations that have no obvious and evident basis, the manager or department leader closest to the problem will conduct a thorough and impartial investigation with the assistance of major corporate support officials. If the investigation by a superior or their representatives could be considered conflicting or inadequate, it must be notified to other administrative superiors or managers to oversee such research.

If a possible code violation is likely to raise a significant economical impact, the Director must be informed. He will share and analyze the information with the Administrator and Finance Manager, followed by a thorough and unbiased investigation with internal and external assistance, including the external auditor.

All investigations related to alleged code violations, must be performed under established principles through all the stages of the investigation.

Any inappropriate behavior must be corrected as soon as possible. In such cases, disciplinary actions may be taken, including employee’s termination. Arenal Volcano Inn will take the necessary measures to ensure that there will be no adverse consequences related to an employee’s work, whenever he or she presents a code violation complaint.